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Barbara Reece

Chair,  Board of Directors Actress, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Chester Whitmore

Treasurer,  Board of Directors Choreographer and Band Leader

Our Team

PALEF  is led by a committed l all volunteer staff of professionals. Co-founder and Artistic Director, Charles Douglass has guided the work of our organization for more than two decades. 

The Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation believes that youth are a vital resources and with development and exposure to arts study, they can achieve life-long success.  At PALEF, we are giving youth a dramatic break in life. 

arts in Action

Our Mission

Charles Douglass

Member,  Board of Directors

Co-founder and Artistic Director

PALEF is funded by grants from The Los Angeles County Arts Commission and The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Reverend Dr. DiAnn L. Johnson

Member,  Board of Directors

Minister, Humanitarian, Degreed Black Belt

Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas. Please contact us at 213-359-4500 or email us at palef4youth@gmail.com to join our team and to support our work

Meet Our board

Deborah Sharpe-Taylor

Secretary,  Board of Directors Actress, Writer, Director


        The Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation

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Starletta DuPois

Member,  Board of Directors

Actress, Writer, Director